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Innovation through Integration 

At Hexakis we know that schools can struggle with technology. Whether it’s a matter of confidence or knowing how to leverage different technologies, the impact is how it impedes a school's development potential.

Our service aims to change this by becoming your technology partner. We want to help you improve educational attainment and achievement and expand your pupil's potential by creating a flexible ‘can-do’ learning environment.

To achieve this aim, we'll work with you to integrate school-wide development needs with technology. And support with three clear goals. Firstly we'll look after your technical needs reliably and with minimum fuss. Secondly, we'll support user confidence, through continuous professional development. And thirdly, we'll embed technology as a tool to deliver the curriculum and enhance learning.

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But that's not all. With our passion and hands on approach, we'll help schools stay ICT focused, maintaining momentum and in pace with the demands of an ever evolving learning community.

To learn more about our service click down the side bars or, better still, call us today on 0117 203 3636 and find out how we could become your technology partner.
SWGfL partnership with Hexakis
SWGfL is a not-for-profit charitable trust providing over 2500 schools and other establishments with safe, secure reliable connectivity and services, learning technologies to improve outcomes, and the toolkit of being safer online.
Our broad knowledge of SWGfL services, ensures you get the very most from your Schools Internet Service.


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